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Naughty little schoolgirl from puts her dirty mouth and tight teen body to good use in a scene of hot classroom sex.  To the untrained eye this slender redhead hottie might not actually seem all that slutty, but to anyone who takes great care in assessing a girl’s promiscuity rating this tempting minx ranks pretty high.  Take for instance her cute pink outfit; it might not immediately strike you as standard issue slut wear but notice the top is held in place by strings for easy access to her fine tits and also just how short her skirt is.

Then make note that the panties match the rest of the ensemble.  Why do that if you don’t intend for them to be seen?  And then there is the fact that she strips down to just her shoes and knee high socks to fuck some greasy porn goober in the middle of a schoolroom.  Okay, that last one isn’t technically a hint as much as it is an open declaration of her dirty habits.  You are only young once I suppose and this sexy pigtailed babe is making the most of her time by performing as many rough deepthroat blowjobs as she can while getting fucked on her desk.

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